The Opportunity:

FroPro, a healthy alternative to frozen desserts developed a new ‘Singles’ product, positioned to compete with the more premium, but unhealthy, Magnums of the category. It was our opportunity to tailor a bespoke marketing and advertising campaign, elevating its standing to compete with the competitor market and educate the audience of a new offering.

Our Approach:

After conducting a series of in-house interviews with a customer research panel, it was evident that our audience felt a measured level of guilt after consuming products offered by FroPro’s competitors. Using this to find our advantage, we based our consumer messaging on this thesis; crafting messaging that alluded to guilty pleasure cues while conversely educating our target base that guilty pleasures don’t always need to be guilty.

What We Did:

We conceptualised, developed and delivered two digital video campaigns, introducing the product – hinged on the guilty pleasure principle – we had identified in our product research. Complemented by re-targeted content, our messaging “Treat yourself better” resonated with our audience, delivering actionable results and sales to compete with that of the Fro Pro competitor.

Some of our clients.

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