The Opportunity:

As a new business with an exciting and unique proposition we had the opportunity to create IH’s brand identity from scratch. The brand was playing in the cocktail space and the brief asked for a premium, but colourful identity that would look right at home in the back bar of any restaurant or bar.

Our Approach:

With the initial focus on B2B, we needed to balance the branding to emphasise flavours and taste cues whilst subtly introducing the consumer to InHouse Cocktail. IH’s role is to support bar staff (including inexperienced staff) in making quality and fresh cocktails, so the design hierarchy needed consumers to focus on flavours, varieties and taste, and not who made the base mix.

What We Did:

We started with an ambigram logo to ensure it was legible and memorable regardless of the orientation of the bottle in a bar shelf. The colour palette was inspired by the three primary flavours of each batch and was arranged to symbolise liquid and mixture. The final design delivered a bright and premium feel with a translucent section to showcase the mixture itself.

Some of our clients.

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